Firm Overview

Zebra Capital Management

Zebra Capital Management, LLC is an SEC-registered, global, independent investment management firm managing equity-focused investment strategies.* Founded in 2001 by Roger Ibbotson, Professor Emeritus of Finance at Yale University, Zebra has successfully combined Professor Ibbotson’s leading-edge research and scientific methods with decades of direct trading, risk management, and operational experience. Zebra's strategies seek to generate superior performance, without incurring additional volatility and have demonstrated attractive risk/return characteristics.

The Zebra Investment and Research teams focus on harnessing the popularity premium in global equity markets, using Professor Ibbotson’s original research as the springboard. Using liquidity, valuation and growth to identify manifestations of “popularity,” Zebra’s strategies seek to systematically invest in stocks that are less popular but nonetheless have strong fundamental characteristics.

Zebra’s Investment Strategies seek to methodically capture these premia in the public equity markets. Zebra believes positive, long-term excess returns are driven by systematically exploiting market characteristics supported by basic, economic principles. By seeking out fundamentally strong, but overlooked, less demanded securities; Zebra believes it can generate consistent attractive returns without taking on significant levels of risk. Zebra manages these strategies both in long and in long short products.

* Registration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not imply any level of skill or training.